Palm Beach Board of County Commissioners voted in favor of implementing the Amendment to the County Comprehensive Plan
regarding the Riviera Beach TCEA.

VOTING FOR: Jeff Koons, Karen Marcus and Warren Newell
VOTING AGAINST: Addie Greene and Mary McCarty

We owe a debt of gratitude to all of those who attended and
to those who spoke. It was a community effort for the betterment
of all of Riviera Beach. WELL DONE!!!!

AS ALWAYS, THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS....... now the fine print.

We have won a battle but not the war. The Board of County
Commissionís action was to transmit [send] the Amendment to
the Department of Community Affairs [DCA], a State of Florida Agency,
for review. They will review the Amendment and send comments
to Palm Beach County for a response within 60 days.

The Amendment will then be returned to Palm Beach County for
action. It will be presented at a Board of County Commission meeting,
in November or December, for adoption and enactment. That is
where the war will be won. Riviera Beach conceivably, could then take
the issue to Court. As you can see, we have completed only a step in the
process but a very BIG step .....

AND.. Riviera Beach declared a conflict with Palm Beach County and
caused their objection to the Amendment to be heard before the
Intergovernmental Plan Amendment Review Committee [IPARC] on
July 13, 2006. IPARC's recommendation was that the issue be sent to
mediation by the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. This,
apparently, will be done concurrently with the transmittal to the DCA.

Your continued support is appreciated. Please consider making a
contribution to the effort so we can carry on.
Thank you.