On 2/4/04, the City Council acting as the CRA approved the site development plans for Marina Grande at Inlet Harbor.  The North Tower will have 144 condo units.  The tower will be 23-25 stories high.  The East Tower will have 207 condo units and 21-25 floors.  The development will include a recreational center and club house on top of a six story parking garage.  Across the street will be a boat storage facility capable of holding 300 boats and 8,000 sq ft of retail/office space.  Developer made mention that project will generate $30-40mm in TIF.
The CRA then switched hats and became the City Council. 
The council approved An Ordinance vacating and abandoning the east 237.59 feet of the right of way of east 28th St. and 334.58 feet of the right of way of Lakeshore Drive beginning at the north right of way of East 27th St.