And the Northeast Winds Doth Blow…….

by Diana DiMeo

Mother Nature has given Riviera Beach's condo row on Singer Island a run for its money this year. The northeast winds battered the shoreline well after winter was gone. That battering caused an emergency situation. Special permitting allowed sand to be trucked in to replenish the dunes during turtle season, for the first time ever. This was a massive effort as reported in last month's Islander.

Looking south toward Aquarius and Connemara,
30 September 2007

Then at the end of September, the northeast winds and heavy seas again attacked this stretch of beach taking away the sand that had been trucked in earlier in the summer season.

Along with the sand, most, if not all, of the remaining turtle nests were washed away. Eggs were scattered all over the beach at the north end. This 'non hurricane' left the Condado, in particular, in a very vulnerable situation due to the development of a sinkhole. Once again it has been proven that sand replenishment is a temporary measure at best. More permanent solutions are slow to be forthcoming.

The pedestrian concrete guard wall has been installed on the north side of the Blue Heron Bridge. Crews are now working to install the guard wall on the south side of the bridge. 

Waves breaking against the sea wall at the Condado on
2 October 2007

During the summer, there was a major vegetation cleanout along the west side of A1A from Pine

Point heading north. All non-native plants were cut down and treated to prevent re-growth. The root systems were kept in place to prevent erosion. One can now see the sunlight filtering through the trees and vegetation that remain along the path.

Representatives of Riviera Beach, the Public Beach Coalition and OMRD (Ocean Mall Redevelopment) went to mediation on 20 September to work to settle the lawsuit that OMRD had filed against the City and the citizens. The mediation ended with OMRD accepting the terms of the referendums (5-story limit at the Municipal Beach/ Ocean Mall and a 50-year limit on the lease) that had passed during the March 2007 election. The City Council will formally review the terms of the mediation in order to decide whether, or not, to vote to accept those terms. The DDA (Disposition and Development Agreement) that was signed by the previous administration favors OMRD. However, that contract is valid and cannot be changed by the settlement of the lawsuits.

Riviera Beach has contracted with the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council to have them review the plan for the city's redevelopment efforts. This group has a winning reputation and works with residents to get their input, using this input to create the design. By the time that you read this, the Charrette to review the City's CRA area redevelopment plans will be in its final stages. It will be interesting to see how residents define our city and what the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council designs based on the citizens' recommendations.

Looking north to Dunes Towers and Water Glades,
30 September 2007
Dunes Towers dune area--Water Glades in the background,
30 September 2007










The Ocean Mall site plan returned to the Planning & Zoning Board for review at the end of  September. At the P & Z meeting on 13 September, the plan had been tabled so that unsatisfactory issues could be addressed. At the 27 September meeting, both Ed Kunuty and Caryn St. John expressed that, in their opinion, the plan was not the 'best and highest use' of the property. Each of them stated that the beach and the ocean were a draw so those views should be maximized by adding a level or two to the buildings. The OMRD plan is for a one-story building on the south end to protect the view for what could be a future hotel at the southwest corner of this property. Keeping the north side at two stories is thought by many to be a protection for the views from OMRD's project at 2700 North Ocean. To their credit, both Ed and Caryn voted 'no' to the plan based on the argument for 'best and highest use'.

Have you been over to the inlet area in Palm Beach Shores yet? What a lovely oasis has been created! The path along the inlet has been completely redone. It is lined with trees that provide shade and lots of new plantings. At intervals along the path are shaded bench areas and covered pavilions to lure people to just sit and enjoy. Here's to a job well done!!!

Ocean's Edge with Condado and SeaWinds in the
background, 31 October 2007
Ocean's Edge - the foundation on 31 October 2007










CRGRB Inc. supports responsible development and growth that is compatible with the community. We are opposed to reckless over development, which will dramatically increase traffic on Singer Island and reduce the quality of life for all residents of Riviera Beach. They will continue to be actively involved in these Singer Island issues and provide you with updates via the Web site: To receive regular e-mail updates regarding issues involving Singer Island and Riviera Beach activities, please send your e-mail address to:

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