On Wednesday Neovember 12, City Council, sitting as the CRA board, selected R. Donahue Peebles  (aka Dalmark Group) as the developer for Ocean Mall.  

The Council/CRA was asked to ranking their choice in first, second, third order.  Here’s how they voted:

MEMBER 1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice
Wilson Peebles Catalfumo Marriott
Iles Peebles Marriott Catalfumo
Wade Peebles Catalfumo Marriott
Blue Peebles Catalfumo Marriott
Schnyer Marriott Catalfumo Peebles


Prior to the meeting, the selection committee, composed of Mayor Michael Brown, City Manager William Wilkins and two city staff members had ranked Peebles 3rd with 38.8 of a possible 100 points.  Marriott scored 93 and Catalfumo got 54.5.  The Post's editorial on the subject counseled that all proposals should be rejected  and that city officials should be telling the developers what they want on the site.

Their proposal calls for a 2- tower scheme with boardwalk, 1,900 parking spaces and convention center with Two - 25 floor towers consisting of a total of 770 units.  Conference center would total 70,000 sq. ft (47,000 for center and 23,000 for retail).  Could hold approximately 5,000 people.  Additional retail down the center of the project toward the beach consisting of 2 story buildings housing restaurants, shops, etc.  with a boardwalk on the dry sand.  (We hope to have an illustration posted soon)

Peebles (bio) developed the Royal Palm Crowne Plaza Resort on Miami Beach. It has been  reported that Peebles and Miami Beach are in negotiations over $1.3 million in sales tax and rent for that property. 

According to the Palm Beach Post, "Peebles and Broward County disputed for five years over a deal to build a convention hotel in Fort Lauderdale. The matter was resolved when a Broward judge ruled in the county's favor, according to the city's developer evaluation package."