Choosing which buildings to back

Dawn Pardo
Riviera Beach
Posted July 16 2006

I found your July 9 article, "Residents say no to building," quite interesting.

I understand, firsthand, how many of the residents feel about losing their greenspace. I also understand their fear and frustration knowing their City Council may rezone their greenspace from recreation to residential.

Clearly, there's an ironic twist to this story. It's the person these residents chose to "informally lead" them, Joey Eichner.

As a representative of Catalfumo Construction, Mr. Eichner is trying to persuade the City Commission in my community, Riviera Beach, to give him a 99-year lease on our beach property on Singer Island, without referendum (our charter clearly states no leases longer than 50 years), so his company can build a hotel and condominiums on the public beach area. The
charter clearly reads that the land shall be used for "recreational purposes."

The majority of residents on Singer Island are against the massive project. But Mr. Eichner is anxious to "move forward."

Sounds like karma to me.