Letters: Riviera's attitude toward island residents unforgivable

Sunday, July 30, 2006

In April, The Palm Beach Post had an editorial titled "Growth un-control," which asked, in part, "How could growth management in growth-happy Palm Beach County get worse?" It answered: "If cities could ignore countywide rules, creating pockets of untamed growth, as bills advancing in the Legislature suggest."

I further quote: "The only thing that might be worse than the current system is a system with controls that stop at city boundaries."

"These bills empower those who consider regional planning repugnant and undermine voters who decide that managing growth sometimes requires telling cities no."

The majority of residents of Singer Island agree that the Riviera Beach City Council should be told no to the island being removed from the traffic concurrency exception area (TCEA), as reported July 23 ("Singer Island balks at redevelopment"). The council previously requested the TCEA and now wants the island removed. Riviera Councilwoman Liz Wade said, "But, we're tired of second-class-citizen treatment." Wrong! Indisputably, the council/developers have had their unrestricted overdevelopment way on Singer Island. Ms. Wade may well be aware of "second-class treatment," as that is exactly what the city council routinely has given Singer Island residents.

How many other Palm Beach County cities are demanding that more, not less, traffic be directed onto a protected barrier island? How does playing the impoverished race card instead of addressing the traffic issue help? Riviera Councilwoman Liz Wade says that "a small faction of Singer Island residents oppose any development on Singer Island." Maybe, but all, repeat all, resident associations on the island oppose the city council's plans for the Ocean Mall and removal from the TCEA.


Riviera Beach (Singer Island)