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2500 N. Ocean - Ocean Mall
City is talking with  Marriott Vacation Club on the Proposed Program Plan for Ocean Mall Development Parcel
--After Peeples walked away, Marriott/Brock had a meeting with Interim CRA Director Wilkens at the end of June.  They were given the survey of the Ocean Mall and a preliminary value of the real estate.  Brock had some thoughts of expanding the redevelopment area for a 'community center'. 
Marriott is preliminarily proposing a hotel, timeshares, retail and possibly a community facility on the beach.  they may have a hotel with 250 rooms and the remainder timeshares, meeting space of 8,000-12,000 sq ft; ballroom of 6,000-8,000 sq feet and about 80,000 sq of retail. 


 2700 N. Ocean
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2700 N. Ocean

Demolition of the old Day's Inn has been completed for a Catalfumo Project consisting of 122 Condos and 100 "Resort Units"  Building will be 27 stories high. This Property is site S2 in the CRA Plan

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3100 N. Ocean (Former Island Beach Resort)

Much of the hotel has been torn down.  The city has waived it's own zoning regulations to permit a building Zoning Board of Variance (10/19/2004) permitted allowed a HUGE single high rise condo/hotel on this property.  (lots more including pics)

3730 N OCEAN DR 
Plans are afoot to tear down the Rutledge Inn hotel and build an 18 story condo building, 90 ft wide on this 150 ft lot.  Total of 58 Condos @ 4 to a floor. This would result in setbacks of only 30 ft on each side.  Code would dictate a setback of 52 ft on each side of an 18 story building (more)


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 3800 North Ocean (Canopy Palms) WCI Communities

The old Canopy Palms hotel is demolished.  Construction is underway

  • Two-story parking garage mostly hidden by a 20-foot berm.
  • Mixed development condos & resort hotel units.
  • Total Units reduced from 370 to 306
  • Building size reduced by 25%.
  • Parking reduced from 735 to 504.  
  • Setbacks adhered to. 

 Plan pix and more

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3920 N OCEAN 

The former site of the Tahiti Motel (North of Ocean Reef Park) has been redeveloped into a 34 unit condo project with 2 towers, each 17 stories high.  There is one residence per floor.  Project is virtually complete. Move in will be soon.

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4600 N. Ocean
Toll Brothers are commencing a project on the wetlands between Cote d'Azur and Harbor Point.  Construction activity on site  The wetlands are now a lake.  Building 19-story tower with 51 condos and 8 two-story townhomes.
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Ocean's Edge

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5050 N Ocean (just North of the Fire Station and wrapping behind it)

What was to be 6 oceanfront townhouses has bloomed into a 19 story, 40 unit condo. 2,900 to 7,500 sq ft, $1.6 to $6 million.  Toll Brothers
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5150 N Ocean
The property at  has been developed into a high rise condo project.  It is at or near move-in status.  Location is between Corniche and Seawinds.

One Singer Island
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5310 N Ocean
Property at  is at the site preparation state. On 1.65 acres between the Reaches and Eastpointe.  There are some wetlands and mangroves on this relatively small piece of property.  WCI is planning a 15 unit condo. 2 per floor for the first 5 floors @$2.5 Mil  &up and 1 per floor for the 5 top floors @$4.4 Mil &up each.
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2650 "Lake Shore Drive" (AKA 350 Blue Heron Blvd at Ave "A")
Council has approved 351 unit condo (20-25 story), 15 to the floor in 2 buildings.  Adjacent will be the Inlet Harbor Marina, a (mostly) dry stack marina.  On current site of Crab Pot. Ave "A" is closed and construction underway  (more)