The subject property (ies) owned by the City/CRA and made a part of this RFP are currently occupied by both commercial and business tenants and some transient and live aboard recreational boater tenants.  It is the intent of the CityCRA to vacate these tenancy upon reasonable notice, including the expiration of existing leases or rental agreements, in order to deliver the Marina Property and Spanish Court to the successful Proposer without further responsibilities for residential or business relocation. (click to read page 20 RFP)

During Council discussion, questions were asked if this section pertained just to the wet slips or the wet slips and the Tiki.   Messrs Johnson and Wilkins said it was their intention for it to mean just the wet slips.  All on council agreed that the city council should have say over the restaurant.
After the discussion was completed, Shelby Lowe made a motion to accept the RFP as presented.  I amended his motion by excluding an exhibit that showed Cracker Boy as a developable parcel and I asked that the above section be amended to say it does not include leases approved by the city council.  Vote passed 5-0.  I put “not include leases approved by the city council’ because I did not want the developer to have control over the restaurant property lease. My thinking was I wanted the ‘sweetheart’ deals at the marina to stop!  The City must start getting its fair share!!!  
I campaigned on No More Business As Usual – Bringing Leadership and Integrity to Riviera Beach.  I stand by that.  I purposely removed The Tiki from the RFP document because I want to be certain that The Tiki pays its fair share to the City of Riviera Beach.  The City staff is currently in the process of renegotiating a new lease with The Tiki.  I will fight to make sure the City gets its fair share.  By the council renegotiating the lease and not the successful Proposer, we will be certain that we get the best possible deal so we can continue to provide a better quality of life for all of our residents.  
The council does not negotiate leases with the commercial businesses in the wet slips nor do we negotiate leases with the live aboards.  Our Marina director does.  The language in the RFP makes certain that the Proposer does not come in and clean house.  We will make sure the live aboards and commercial lessees are treated fairly, and given ample time should they need to be temporarily relocated because of the redevelopment of the marina.  The timetable in the RFP states the CRA wishes to have a DDA signed by early December.  We still have to have comp plan changes – 18 months. Building Permits – take a guess - and most importantly, financing has to be obtained.  We are still a long time away from anything happening at the Marina.  If we decided not to have the language above in the agreement, the builder that signs the DDA could come in and kick everyone out immediately.  This council will not let that happen.
Mr. Lozman knows all of this.  He conveniently wants the good old boy system at the Marina to stay in place   Shame on him for purposely and deliberately distorting the truth.  

Dawn Pardo