Mirasol Beach Residences

58 unit Condo$1.3 to $4 million, 2,700 to 6,400 square feet.  On the site of the Rutledge Inn

The city Zoning Board of Variance granted a "Variance Application"  to reduce the side setback requirements so that a wider high rise building can be built on the property than is currently allowed by Code.

They wish to build an 18 story condo building, 90 ft wide on this 150 ft lot.  This would result in setbacks of only 30 ft on each side.  Code would dictate a setback of 52 ft on each side of an 18 story building

Read their application.  Read the City's RH zoning code

It's interesting that the variance is requested to make things "fair" for the owner of a narrow wide oceanfront lot.  (see the Island Beach Resort Rutledge application to find out why the codes are unfair to owners of wider narrower lots)