South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board
Posted March 17 2007

Heed the Riviera Beach revelation

Amid the controversy and low turnout that typically plagues municipal elections, who would have thought that the town of Riviera Beach would turn out to be such a beacon of democracy in action?

Faced with infighting between the mayor and three council members, a majority of voters, particularly from the Singer Island side of the city, exercised their rights and kicked every incumbent on the ballot to the curb.

Former Mayor Michael Brown lost. All three of his adversaries on the council lost. They didn't even make the runoffs for their seats. Hopefully, the newly elected officials get the message.

Riviera Beach residents need results, and are tired of the bickering and finger-pointing that to date has dominated city politics. It's a lesson elected officials throughout South Florida should heed, unless they want early retirement via the ballot box.