Citizens for Responsible Growth
for Riviera Beach, Inc.
Singer Island
Riviera Beach, FL, 33404

    Who are we?  Citizens for Responsible Growth for Riviera Beach
is a non-profit Florida Corporation composed of unpaid volunteers from our community.  It was formed in response to a proposed project that would have massively over developed a portion of Singer Island.

    What is our goal?  We are trying to prevent unbridled over development of Singer Island and Riviera Beach.  We are in favor of redevelopment but not to the extent that it will destroy the things which bring us here.  Excessive uncontrolled building would overload our roads, add to congestion, degrade our fragile coastal environment and the quality of life in Riviera Beach.

    How are we going to achieve it?  By disseminating information through the press, at speaking engagements, community meetings and E-Mail, we are able to inform and educate our community.  With awareness and commitment we can shape the future of Riviera Beach and Singer Island.

    We have retained Attorneys and a Traffic Expert to support our efforts.

    Palm Beach County Commissioners including Karen Marcus, State Senator Jeff Atwater, State Representative Carl Domino, US Congressman Ron Klein and others have been helpful by expressing their interest in the issues affecting Singer Island and Riviera Beach and by intervening with various governmental agencies.  We are working with these elected officials and governmental entities who will listen and are responsive to the problems in Riviera Beach. Unfortunately, the former City Government has been bent on over development and not at all interested in responsible development.

    All of us, Together, are a powerful force for controlling what happens to our community. We need your help and support for us to succeed.

    What have we accomplished?  We financially supported Litigation which resulted in a 25% decrease in the size of the Canopy Palms/The Resort Project (200,000 Sq/Ft and 100 Units less than originally proposed).  A ten story parking garage was changed to a one level underground design.  The setback from the road was increased and a building entrance drive was rerouted to prevent traffic jams from backing up onto Ocean Drive.

    We had significant input in rewriting the RH Zoning ordinance to control density on Singer Island.  It was passed. Unfortunately, the City of Riviera Beach has altered definitions in The Comprehensive Plan to partially negate the progress we achieved with the RH Zoning.

    With the help and support of Karen Marcus and the County Commission, we modified the Palm Beach County Traffic Concurrency Exception Area (TCEA) to prevent excessive traffic on Ocean Drive.

    We helped mobilize the community to vote the incumbents and developers' candidates out of office.

    We supported and facilitated the Public Beach Coalition effort to assure that all the people of Riviera Beach will continue to enjoy their Ocean Mall.

    Through the efforts of many people, the permitting Governmental Agencies have become sensitized to the problems that exist with the City and its redevelopment plans.  Rather than rubber stamping applications for permits, thoughtful consideration is now being given to each one.