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South Elevation

Canopy Palms
WCI Plans

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West Elevation
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Floor Plan
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Levels 4-10
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Site Plan
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Planning & Zoning Board Meeting - Thursday, September 11th at 7:00 P.M.  New plans were resubmitted by the developer in conjunction with WCI developers.  The new plans call for a two-story parking garage that will be mostly hidden by a 20-foot berm.  This is a vast improvement from the original 10-story garage, amended later to a 6-story garage.  It is a mixed development -- partially condominiums, partially resort hotel units.  Original plans called for 370 units -- there are now 306 units with the building size being reduced by 25%..  Parking spaces have been reduced from 735 spaces to 504.  Setback requirements have been adhered to.  Concessions have been as a result of citizen protest and lawsuits filed by Bill Contole, Wes Nichols and Sherry Temple (legal fees funded by your contributions to Citizens for Responsible Growth.)  Plans were approved by the Board and go before City Council for final approval on Wednesday, October 1st at 7:30 P.M.

New Developer September 2003

WCI Communities, Inc.  has signed a contract to buy the Canopy Palms resort. 

Redesigned plans were submitted to the city, but we have heard that the plans were withdrawn and resubmitted last week.

The plans will be available for viewing at the RB Community Development office and can be purchased from Westside reprographics.

Hints from those who have seen them indicate a much more attractive and smaller building!!!! 

The item is scheduled to go before P and Z on Sep 11, 2003, with City Council Public Meeting on Oct. 1, 2003


The information below this point is obsolete.  The original canopy palms plan has been superceeded by the WCI plans above.

island Spa Settlement Agreement June 2003

Your Citizens Group supported lawsuits that have resulted in the developer agreeing to dramatically reduce the size of the building and the number of units. These concessions include moving the building westward of the coastal construction line, and eastward 100' from Ocean Drive. We were also successful in lowering the garage height, the agreement was reluctantly accepted by the city (RESOLUTION. NO. 143-03)

After over 8 hours of testimony over 2 days, city council voted on January 7 to accept the developer's revised site plan for the Island Spa.

Every Riviera Beach resident who spoke, with the exception of the developer's lawyer, was against the project in its current configuration.  Councilman Schnyer, who cast the sole negative vote said that he was against the proposal since he was not convinced that it qualified as a hotel.  None of the other council members claimed that they thought it was a hotel, but voted for the project anyway.  The Island Spa, slated to be built on the site of the current Canopy Palms Hotel, will consist of over 1700 rooms, configured as 370 multi-bedroom units.

(see more history)

Stipulations for approval included:

  • That the dune line established by survey for the site is appropriate.
  • That construction must be initiated by July 7, 2004.
  • That the developer shall maintain:
    • A valid occupational license from the City of Riviera Beach for a hotel establishment.
    • Appropriate permits and licenses from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Hotels for:
      • a hotel establishment
      • a restaurant
      • pool and spa
      • retail uses
    • Licensing from the Department of Alcohol, Beverage and Tobacco, and the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services
  • That all of these facilities are open to the general public.
  • That the developer agrees to a northbound turn lane onto the subject property if permitted by FDOT.

This issue isn't lost yet. It will be settled in the courts.

There are a total of 7 properties now zoned RH, and the temporary moratorium against further RH development is fragile. There is no visible progress by city staff to rewrite the Zoning ordinance.

Legal costs and printing costs continue to accumulate. We need your fair contribution, so please send what you can