Letters to the Editor
July 8, 2007

'Gang politics' editorial left out some things

Several important facts were omitted from the editorial "Gang politics in Riviera?" (June 26). The Post stated that the three new city council members paid me $45,214 for legal bills incurred regarding the Ocean Mall petition process. The editorial failed to mention that those fees were incurred because the former city council sued me and four other residents in an attempt to keep Riviera Beach residents from voting on whether to give Dan Catalfumo a 99-year lease to build 28 stories of condominiums on the public beach.

It also failed to mention that although the city sued us, Circuit Judge Glenn Kelley ruled in favor of the residents and permitted the referendum, and the voters overwhelmingly approved limitations at the mall. The former council's lawsuit against the residents was a SLAPP suit, pure and simple.

Instead of commending the new council members for attempting to get a handle on gang violence, The Post has chosen to attack them and insist that it was a political payoff. If $84,000 saves one child from entering a gang, that's one more than what the former mayor and council saved. The new council and mayor understand that there is a very serious gang problem in Riviera Beach, and they are attacking it head-on.

The residents of Riviera Beach are much stronger than the propaganda The Post prints daily. We will move our city forward with or without your support.



Public Beach Coalition

Riviera Beach